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The History of Martin Sunday Lighting Design

The story of Martin Sunday Lighting Design begins with our founder, Martin Sunday. During Martin's childhood, his fascination for the way that light landed on objects, i.e., sunlight off a lake, the light coming through tree branches or the way sunlight would beam through a cloud, drew him to develop a unique way of looking at light. He studied at the University of Michigan and then took his knowledge to Light Expressions in Los Angeles, CA in 1983, where he first began working in the field of lighting design. This was the beginning of an expansive career. His experiences in this field took him all across the country to work with other celebrated lighting designers, including John Case and Ken Paulsen.

Now, with over 30 years of experience, Martin works with residential and commercial clients all across Texas and the United States to help them with their lighting needs. Martin’s philosophy is that lighting should inspire and enhance the life that it illuminates. We carry this philosophy forward in all that we do. Contact us for beautiful, clear lighting solutions that enhance and highlight your project’s best features.

Martin’s Past Experience

  • Lighting Designer with Light Expressions
  • Vice President of The Case Companies
  • Lighting Designer and Outside Salesman at Lighting Inc.
  • Current CEO of Martin Sunday Lighting Design

Our Values

Mission Statement

To illuminate peoples' homes & lives through the artistic use of light technology.


Honesty breeds trust. With a bridge of trust between you and our team, you’ll benefit from higher productivity and lower costs. When you contact us for a lighting job, you’ll enjoy honest and open communication from us.


Expect only honest and careful work with us. Plans, fixture schedules, spec books, and more do not leave our office without being double-checked by another pair of eyes.

Personal Growth

Martin Sunday Lighting Design takes care of our employees so they can take care of you. We support personal and professional growth here. All our employees enjoy one free professional development program a year, entirely covered by us.


Everything should work with ease. If we are running into problems, we don’t give up or get upset. Instead, our team tackles each problem head-on to reevaluate and implement a solution.

Team-Based Management

We empower each employee on our team to be a leader in their own right. Each leader at Martin Sunday Lighting Design brings their unique perspectives to their projects while following our values of communication and an open-door policy.


Fear kills creativity. We urge you to take the leap and go for the daring, bold choice. Whatever you do, know that we’re there to support you. We strive for a low-fear environment for all our clients.

The Extra Mile

We go above and beyond what is expected of us. This fosters an environment of excellence, which sets us far and above the competition.

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